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Michael Laitman, PhD

Ecology—A Shift of Perception

“Love your neighbor as yourself”
is the law of nature
as nature is a living body
where all parts are interconnected


All of our problems stem from our view of ourselves as separate from nature, distinguishing man from his environment.

Such perception of nature makes us regard all that surrounds us as subordinate to man. Even when we care for the environment, it is only for our own pleasure and not out of consideration for the whole system of nature.

Violating the balance of the closed system of nature evokes a negative feedback. And since we are an outcome of nature, we suffer on all levels of our existence.

Therefore, we must change our approach from a perception of “protecting the environment” to a perception of “man as an integral part of nature.”

According to Kabbalah, our thoughts and desires are the strongest forces in reality, and are the primary cause of all the changes in nature.

The problem is that the impact of our thoughts on nature is concealed from us.

As a result, we measure only our external impact, such as gas emissions and waste pollution, while the internal cause still awaits treatment at the root.

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