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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Stone Age in High-Tech Decor

On one hand, the ego is the force that leads to development. On the other hand, the intensification of the ego threatens all of us with crises, terror, even with a world war, and we are helpless in face of this situation. If we look ahead, it seems as though we’re headed back to a Stone Age in high-tech decor.

How are we to emerge from this impasse? Kabbalah introduces into our worldview the concept of a “hierarchy of forces” that govern each of us individually, along with the society as a whole.

Kabbalah does not eliminate the ego, but rather robes it with a more global force—intention (of love and bestowal) atop the desire (to receive). It is a broader perception of reality, which transcends the limited perception of self-gratification.

Kabbalah offers a groundbreaking method of coordinating between the two opposite forces. It explains that these forces have fundamentally different natures—the nature of the Creator and the nature of the creature. When they do not compete, but unite, a perfect and eternal state arises.

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