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The Wisdom of Kabbalah in a Nutshell

The Creation of the World

The Big Bang occurred approximately 14 billion years ago. Its cause was a spark of the upper light that reached its lowest level—egoism. The spark contained within it all the matter and energy of our world, and from it the entire universe was created...

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Small Village, Global Ego

Throughout the history of humanity, there was only one period in which the wisdom of Kabbalah was available to all. It was in ancient Babylon, a city that functioned like a small village, where every individual could influence the lives of everyone else. Society in Babylon existed as a single system, hence the need for the wisdom of Kabbalah, which teaches how to implement the law of “Love thy neighbor as thyself”...

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True Kabbalah

The wisdom of Kabbalah was hidden for thousands of years, providing fertile ground for the springing of diverse theories as to its essence. All of them were incorrect. Today, the study of authentic Kabbalah is open to all, without any restrictions or prerequisites. However, it is important to know that the wisdom of Kabbalah engages only with man’s correction...

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A Ladder to Infinity

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that we live in a multi-layered reality...

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The Wisdom of the Hidden

We research our world through science and discover that which is concealed from us. The knowledge that science accumulates helps us in this world. Even if we know nothing from our own life experience, we trust scientists, physicians, and other experts. Although science has not yet discovered everything about our world, with time, more of the concealed becomes revealed...

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The Indignant Question

The fundamental textbook with which we study the wisdom of Kabbalah is The Study of the Ten Sefirot. In this book, Baal HaSulam interprets the words of the ARI (Isaac Luria), which are vital for the development of the souls in our generation...

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