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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Wisdom of the Hidden

We research our world through science and discover that which is concealed from us.

The knowledge that science accumulates helps us in this world. Even if we know nothing from our own life experience, we trust scientists, physicians, and other experts. Although science has not yet discovered everything about our world, with time, more of the concealed becomes revealed.

Yet, there is another part to reality, a concealed world, a higher world that science cannot discover. To be able to sense this part of reality, one must correct one’s nature, the ego, and acquire the quality of love and bestowal. Only then does one begin to sense the concealed world and study it scientifically.

The different belief systems and religions are theories regarding the hidden world (God) and the things this world compels us to do. These theories are diverse, often contradictory, and exist precisely because that part of reality is concealed from us. However, none of them provides practical recommendations for revealing the concealed world (revealing God).

Kabbalists are people who have acquired the quality of love and bestowal, through which they have attained the concealed world. They describe the structure of the upper world and offer the opportunity to reveal it to anyone who is interested. We are not required to change our ways of life, since there is no connection between corporeal actions and the acquisition of the quality of love and bestowal. Kabbalah is not about believing in Divinity, but about revealing it.

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