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Michael Laitman, PhD

War in the Spiritual World

Q: You once mentioned a war or a battle in the spiritual world, but never explained what you meant. Can you explain it now?

A: The laws of nature and the entire creation are clearly divided between positive attributes (those of the Creator) and negative attributes (forces that object the Creator). The Creator arranged it this way on purpose.

The bad powers help to select the good powers. We need the bad in order to choose the good.

We seem to be between these two systems of good and bad. If we use them correctly, we will develop to the level of absolute equivalence with the Creator. We gradually absorb within us bad powers, study them, discern them as harmful, disqualify them and prefer the acquisition of the powers of the Creator to them.

These two systems – of good powers and bad powers – are not fixed, but change both synchronically and a synchronically, according to certain rules such as: weekday, holiday, Shabbat (Saturday) and many others.

In addition, the Creator cannot be imagined as frozen or as a dry law that doesn’t change. Generally speaking, everything is in motion, and the attainment of that literally grips the soul. Thus, sometimes you see that the devil wins, and sometimes the good is triumphant.

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