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Michael Laitman, PhD

Improve by Beginning

Q: I’d do anything to improve my life, but how can I before I know anything about Kabbalah?

A: You can improve your life immediately without even knowing a thing about Kabbalah, simply by taking an interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah, wanting to belong to it, and wanting to improve the world. If you continue to study and progress, you will begin to affect the spiritual world voluntarily, consciously, in order to build a better future for yourself.

That means that the study of Kabbalah can be done on several levels, depending on the person himself. Just as in our world, some people live and act passively, doing only one thing throughout their lives, others take initiative and change their lives, influence society, and have an impact on the whole world. The same pyramid exists in our influence on the spiritual world, and, in fact, on the entire reality.

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