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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Evolution of Humanity

Q: Why did the Kabbalah remain, much like all Jewish thought, in the margins of the development of the cultural world, without influencing the advancement of humanity, as did western philosophy? After all, the Kabbalah sees as its goal the correction of mankind.

A: The purpose of creation is to bring the soul, meaning the whole of mankind, with all of its parts, to a state where its every movement is in harmony with the Creator, who is our criterion for perfection. But first, humanity must go through all the opposite situations in order to realize that, indeed, only the Creator is complete.

Culture and science are only vessels given to us to reveal that we and all around us are destined for adhesion with the Creator. That is our destiny - the highest degree of evolution we must reach.

The Kabbalah, as the whole of the Torah, must still be revealed to mankind. The time has not yet come for this to occur, and only in our time are souls that possess a genuine demand for spiritual development descending to this plane.

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