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Michael Laitman, PhD

Man – The Purpose of Creation

Q: Many have tried to solve the riddle of the purpose of creation – why we come into this world, why we live and die. What is the purpose of creation according to the Kabbalah and how can one attain it?

A: Man is the center of creation and is its purpose. The Creator created mankind and wishes to raise human beings to the highest possible degree: that of the Creator.

The process of “the attainment of the Creator,” meaning getting to know the Creator’s attributes, is a means for correction. It is also the very purpose of creation because attaining the Creator, unlike a scientific process, is the gratification and satisfaction given by the Creator. According to the Kabbalah, mankind is the whole of creation (or the First Man). After he was born, he shattered into 600,000 parts. Each part corrects itself independently by equalizing itself with the Creator. Each and every creature must consciously go through that process.

The correction of each part makes it possible to fill it with the Light of the Creator, meaning to feel the Creator. The sensation that the Creator fills you up is a new sensation. It is in that sensation that you will find the spiritual worlds.

Our goal is to be entirely filled up with the Creator. However, as of now, our souls are in a state called “this world,” where the Creator is not felt, but is concealed and hidden from them.

When the soul perceives contact with the Creator for the first time, it rises to its first spiritual degree. It then begins to make itself resemble the Creator more and more, and thus feel Him more and more intensively. When all the parts are completely corrected, they will rise to a state defined as “the end of correction.”

Q: What will happen if humanity refuses to accept the purpose of creation and objects to its goal? Will the Creator have to destroy and recreate humanity?

A: We have nothing to be afraid of, because even your question comes from the Creator! Man has but the ability to say, “If I am not for me, who is for me?”

This means we must act as though the Creator does not exist, and afterwards, when all is said and done, to ascribe everything to the Creator, from the very first thought to the final act. Everything is planned ahead. Your entire path is set in advance. You are already in your final state; you just cannot feel it yet. All that depends on you is how fast you advance toward the goal. If you read more, the rest will follow. You will see that there is no other way.

Questions of the type you describe arise because we are weak and uncorrected. However, the Creator sees the end and the beginning tied together as one; thus, there is no need for any further action. Everything that happens, happens only inside us, as we eventually sense each occurrence. Outside us, everything is permanent, perfect and eternal.

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