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Michael Laitman, PhD

Life is a Game and We Are All Toys

Q: How do you relate to computerized robots and their reactions to humans?

A: Believe me, I don’t have any! Of course, they are only mechanical toys without any egoistic desire. However, they can be programmed to simulate desires, and then they’ll have demands according to the program. It will fool us if we wish to be fooled, and if the toys are sophisticated enough (which will certainly happen in the future), it will be hard to distinguish between programmed and natural behavior.

The point is that it makes no difference whether it’s the object’s own desire or it was installed in it. Watch how education and advertising imprint desires in us that become our own! What else, besides these acquired desires, do we have?

So the important thing is not how these toys are made, but one’s attitude towards them and whether or not we project ourselves on them, thus animating them. These developments occur so that we will mature and realize who we are, and ultimately correct ourselves reaching the Creator’s level.

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