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Michael Laitman, PhD

Obtain the Picture of Reality

Q: If we feel bad about ourselves and want to be rid of our troubles, can we begin to study Kabbalah?

A: We can never see with the senses of this world what is in store for us. We cannot see where our troubles come from; they only appear before us as a fact of life, as a reality that we are born into. In order to succeed in seeing how that picture is formed, we must study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

With this wisdom, we learn exactly how the picture of reality is built. There is no special wisdom that we need to acquire; mere interest is enough. But here is where our problem lies: we are not interested!

If we haven’t sufficient interest in understanding what happens with us, the collective force of reality comes and acts upon us. It forces us, in order to escape the torments, to open the books, or at least take some interest in the fact that we belong to a collective reality through which we should influence this world.

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