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Michael Laitman, PhD

An Answer for a Scientist

Q: I am a scientist. You say that Kabbalah is a science. Is it possible to come to the spiritual world using scientific tools?

A: It is an honor for me to discover the scientist in you, because the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science, and that makes it easier for us to understand each another. Anything that a person discovers in this world through scientific methods is not spiritual because, by definition, spiritual is something that one can feel only in spiritual attributes of giving, called a “screen.” That screen is a vessel for the understanding of the other world, and that understanding can only be acquired through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Our body has impressive secret abilities, sophisticated ones, but they are all corporeal! We can develop those abilities by training. Animals have those abilities as well; these are throughout our world, but we cannot actually feel them.

Only when we acquire a screen do we begin to feel spirituality, but those sensations cannot be conveyed to one who does not have a screen. I would not want you to regard my answer as mere excuses, as they don’t actually answer the question, but regrettably, it is impossible to convey the idea in such a dialog (without knowledge of terms and definitions in Kabbalah), regardless of the education level of the listener.

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