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Michael Laitman, PhD

When Things Close In

Q: What do I do when everyone around me pushes me into the corner… What do they all want from me?

A: It is wonderful when you feel your present situation as intolerable, because now you are willing to leave it! The Creator Himself puts you in those circumstances because He wants to bring you closer to Him. All you have to do is shout, “What do you (the Creator) want from me?” And address that shout to Him, because He is the source of everything.

But in order to direct the cry correctly, to be aimed at the Source of life, at the Creator, and not at blind faith, you need Kabbalah. Otherwise your cry is like a cry in the desert. One feels this world just as a desert. It offers nothing to satisfy our petty desires.

Your cry should be accompanied by a longing for the Creator, and not just a desire for everything to be right again. This world was created precisely for pain! If you want out of that situation, get out of this world. That is what Kabbalah offers you. Read constantly, and you will get it.

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