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Michael Laitman, PhD

There is No Coercion in Spirituality

Q: I read the Torah, the Zohar and your books. I feel that I’m beginning to understand that these books plant seeds in me. I want to extend that Light to others. But these days, people do not relate to Torah and Kabbalah. How can I persuade them that this is the only real Torah?

A: The Kabbalah strictly forbids any persuasion. It permits only demonstration, guiding and explaining. The extent depends on one’s desire to listen. There cannot be any coercion; otherwise you are performing the most anti-spiritual act there is!

Coercion has no room in the spiritual world. Even in the corporeal world, the origin of coercion is not in purity, in holiness, but stems from the shells (Klipot).

Beginning students are overwhelmed with emotions and want to share those feelings with others and excite them, as well. But the expression of emotions must be passive only. It can be done by distributing flyers, books and tapes, not by coercion. Otherwise you will only harm yourself.

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