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Michael Laitman, PhD

Literature and Kabbalah

Q: What do you think of literature in general, and books in particular?

A: All the books, except Kabbalah books, were written by people who perceive only our world. Therefore, they are either incorrect or at best, correct in a very narrow sense. It is not recommended to live by them, just as you cannot build man’s education on imaginary disciplines.

Lately, we see how many rules, disciplines and suggestions come and go and how quickly they replace one another, because they lose their validity.

Kabbalists, on the other hand, write their books from their perception of the connection between the spiritual root in the Upper World and its physical branch in our material world. Therefore, Kabbalists cannot err in their advice.

It is a completely different matter that their advice is hard to follow, but this is the only advice that produces a happy result, starting from “how to choose the right spouse” to “how to feel another reality.”

Because everything that happens in our world is a consequence of operations performed in the spiritual roots, we cannot understand what happens correctly as long as we remain within the boundaries of the knowledge of this world, since the majority of creation is out of reach for the researcher in our world.

How can you advise without seeing the root of events? The problem is that genuine Kabbalists are not interested in giving tips about improving our corporeal life; this is not their task. Their task is to raise mankind to the Upper World, reach spiritual attainment and live in the spiritual world in our own right.

I certainly do not favor burning books, although many mistakes and dead-ends can be avoided. Man naturally learns only by his own mistakes.

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