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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Attitude of Kabbalah to Art is Relative

Q: How do you relate to art?

A: One’s attitude towards everything in the world has to be constructive. Everything was designed for us as a basis for correction. Once, as Rabash and I were passing by a stadium, he pointed out that we should respect this place since it brings pleasure to a lot of people.

You may draw your own conclusions, but this was said by a man who had entered the Higher World. In regard to art, I can refer you to the words of the first rabbi of Israel, Rabbi A.Y. Kook. Unlike his opposition, he was a prominent Kabbalist, hence a Zionist, and approved of establishing the first Israeli Academy of Arts “Betzalel”

The Kabbalists’ attitude to the world is somewhat different from that of the orthodox public; hence the saying, “The rule of Torah is opposite to the rule of the masses.”

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