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Michael Laitman, PhD

Art and Spirituality

Q: It is hard to believe that the greatest artists are ordinary people. I think they were “marked” by the Creator and have attained divine goodness.

A: There are many people in our world who have special talents – for better or for worse–beginning with the most wicked, scientists, musicians and politicians, and ending with philosophers, religious figures and scholars. However, that fact does not testify to their attainment of the Upper World. It can be proven easily that, despite their genius, they remain in their uncorrected desires, and in that area, they are often less evolved than ordinary people.

Those people have a mission of their own, which is sometimes corporeal and not spiritual. The fact that we feel their creation and achievements as something sublime stems from the fact that we can only appreciate that kind of human attainment and production in our uncorrected attributes.

A Kabbalist is a person, who, in all his senses, openly and vividly, lives in the palace of the Creator, just as we live in our world. He can study the acts of the Creator and move and thrive in spiritual worlds.

If you acquire spiritual attributes, you will feel the Creator and notice the change in your priorities. But before that happens, do not fear that as you grow, you will stop admiring art. Just like a child that has grown, you will learn and attain the meaning of true wholeness through your new spiritual attributes.

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