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Michael Laitman, PhD

The End of Matter

Q: Will the physical world vanish at the end of correction? Is Malchut of Malchut the material world? Are the souls that do not have a screen always in it?

A: Kabbalah speaks of desires and intents. There is not a single word in Kabbalah that refers to our world, meaning physical bodies. Creation was made with the desire for pleasure and there are only two participants in it: the soul and the Creator. That is unchangeable!

The intent can be “for me” or “for the Creator.” The desire finds the intent “for me” if it does not feel the Creator, and the intent “for the Creator,” if it does feel Him.

On the one hand, it is possible to feel the Creator only after you are equipped with an intent for the Creator, but on the other hand, you can only get such an intent through the revelation of the Creator, through the sensation of the Light.

The miracle of the attainment of the screen, the intent for the Creator, hides within that very contradiction. That is why it is said that we must make great efforts in everything we are told to do, such as studying, circulation, teaching others, etc. But we cannot tell in advance which way salvation will come.

Desires in our world are independent of the intent. Our desire for pleasure does not come from the spiritual Light, from the Creator, but from a “Minute Light,” which takes the form of this world: sex, wealth, power and knowledge.

The spiritual desire is to delight in the Light, in the Creator. If that desire is self-oriented in its intent, it is considered impure and is called a “shell.” If it is a Creator-oriented desire, it is considered pure and is called “holiness.”

Therefore, in the beginning, through the influence of proper study and labor, a desire to enjoy spirituality for self develops, and one begins to want the Upper World, the Creator, instead of this world. When that desire reaches its peak, we receive a screen, and only then does our desire become a part of Malchut (of the world of Atzilut).

Even if we are immersed in impure desires, they are still spiritual because we still want to delight in the spiritual pleasure, the Creator, and not earthly pleasures such as sex, wealth or power.

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