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Michael Laitman, PhD

On Adam and the World

Q: How should the term Adam Ha Rishon (“the First Man”) be understood – is it a spiritual entity (related to the world of Adam Kadmon) or literally a man of flesh and blood in our world? What about all the people before Adam Ha Rishon?

Also, how does it correlate with the sciences dealing with the origin of man?

I read in your books that all objects and interrelations are ultimately realized in specific people on Earth. So is it literally the first man, or is it the first man to have a screen?

A: The universe and humanity are eternal. There is neither beginning nor end to the development of matter. The formation of the universe is a consequence of the development of the spiritual world. The creation of man stems from the development of spiritual objects, which upon descending in degrees materialize into the lowest forms – the objects of this world.

Of course, we have developed from the more primitive forms, but not by natural (Darwinian) selection. Our development came about by the surfacing Reshimot – spiritual genes.

The first manifestation of the point in the heart is Adam in this world.

Its first development into sensing the Creator is Abraham.

The first manifestation of the method of uniting with the root is the receiving of the Torah.

I can say only one thing in response to your question: until the point in your heart manifests and forms the first ten Sefirot, you will be absolutely unable to understand where you come from and where everything is headed! No explanation will help, since there is no vessel to receive it.

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