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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: What is love?

A: Love is a consequence of equivalence of inner traits, meaning attributes. In Kabbalah there is only one law: the law of equivalence of form, attributes and desires. If two spiritual objects are equal in attributes, they unite. That does not mean that from two they have now become one, but that they are as one. Everything that happens to one, enriches the other, is immediately felt in him.

That mutual feeling, that two separate objects equally feel in the senses between them, that there is absolute equality between them (be it two people, or the Creator and a person) – is called “love.” Love is the sensation of equivalence of spiritual attributes. Distancing in attributes and desires distances people from one another, even to the extent of hate.

The nearness of desires, thoughts and attributes (which is actually the same, because the attributes determine the thoughts and the desires), makes them draw near, love and understand one another.

Kabbalah states that the greatest pleasure in the world is the sensation of equivalence of form with the Creator.

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