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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Only Peace

Q: To what extent can the study of Kabbalah change the world around us?

A: It says: “Bear in mind, that everything has internality and externality. Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is generally considered the internality of the world, and the seventy nations are considered its externality. Within Israel also, there is internality, which are the wholehearted worshipers of the Lord, and externality, those who do not devote themselves entirely to the work of God. And among the nations of the world, as well, there are internal parts, which are the Righteous of the Nations, and external parts, which are the rude and the destructive among them.” ( "Introduction to The Book of Zohar", item 66)

Is it not enough to observe the practical Mitzvot in order to change the situation? No, it is not enough! Especially today! Moreover, it is written in that Introduction that he who does not study Kabbalah makes the externality of the world overcome the internality. This means the worst, the most harmful and destructive among the nations of the world, rise over the internality of the nations of the world, the righteous gentiles, and bring worldwide wars and destruction.

It does not mean that everyone must immediately immerse themselves in systematic Kabbalah studies. It is enough if we overcome our inner inhibitions and begin to take an interest in this wisdom, in a very simple way.

Believe me, after only a few days, you will feel stronger and more confident than ever before. It is as though you connect to a new source of power that immediately begins to charge you. Your enemies will begin to feel your strength and will immediately withdraw. They will subconsciously understand that that is a power they cannot deal with.

But as long as we remain inactive, we bring about the negative forces that “land” on our heads in order to force us to act. All the destructors in the world raise their heads, aching to destroy Israel. We have already seen it happen, and today we are witnessing one of the peaks of that process.

We can change all that. Our personal situations, how the world relates to us, and the situation of the entire nation all depend on the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The power we derive from the study of the Kabbalah works on the people of Israel and the nations of the world alike. It will help everyone to begin to prefer internality to externality.

Spiritual and physical redemption are linked together. A spiritual redemption will bring the whole world to genuine happiness, freedom from terror, disease and death, and unity with the Upper Power.

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