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Michael Laitman, PhD

From Suffering to the Goal of Creation

Q: The vessel is forced to develop only by suffering and by the “point in the heart.” Therefore, starting from Phase 1 and until the end of correction, everyone is destined to develop. Suffering is sent to achieve the purpose of creation, finally providing the vessel, which is by now anguished by thousands of descents into this pathetic little world, with a happy end – eternal and perfect delight. One may believe that, too, but please explain why is this not fanaticism.

A: If you believe that everything will happen as you pictured, then you are right. But suffering pushes us to understand, grow wiser, achieve, wish, love, aspire. The suffering we get is not for the pleasures, but is rather strictly selective, in order for us to sense the Creator and become like Him. The purpose is not to be beaten and then be given pleasure for relaxation.

Troubles force us to develop and arrive at the right suffering – the one that brings delight, pains of love felt as Light and pleasure, not fading but ever-growing. We are so tired of corporeal suffering and wish for nothing more than rest and relaxation. We cannot swallow something different and complete with our exhausted soul.

I understand you, but… save yourself! The question, “What is the meaning of life?” is the necessary precondition to the development of which I speak. Develop it correctly, don’t let it quiet down and it will lead you to the Creator – and the answer to your question.

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