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Michael Laitman, PhD

To Demand from the Creator

Q: If even we, who study in a group, keep forgetting about the Creator, how can ordinary people remember Him?

A: The contact does exist. If ordinary people are unable to reach that conclusion, neither will we, as we are all connected. Everything that happens in the general public happens within us, too. It happens in another form, but for the same purpose.

We learned that when a person begins to think about the Creator, it must be understood that if one has found the Creator, it is because the Creator has found this person first and created the desire within that individual to begin thinking about the Creator. Man is but a derivative of the Creator.

We must turn to the Creator to demand to make and afterwards strengthen ourcontact with Him. But it is we who must demand it. We can’t wake up and start thinking about Him by ourselves. When we think of Him, it is actually He who creates and strengthens our desire to think about Him.

The process is entirely in His domain; we must simply demand of the Creator to constantly renew the resources, and ask for His help to strengthen the contact. He is waiting for it. Perhaps it is still without the intent “for Her name,” but it doesn’t matter – we already depend on Him.

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