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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: How can I always maintain my aim?

A: Before every thought, every action and every breath you take – think of the purpose!

If a member of my group reminded me of the existence of the Creator, even if quite rudely, by poking me when I fell asleep in class, to me, that person is an angel. It doesn’t matter how the creator sends the reminders, but from then on, I can advance. If you think like that, you will see that everyone around you is an angel made to remind you of the existence of the Creator.

We keep getting pushed from Above so we can advance toward the Creator. The problem is that we attempt to find solutions to complex situations with the power of our minds. That pushes us to the path of pain: we begin to get beaten up until we realize that the solution cannot come from our minds.

It is a long process, but it depends on us; we can speed it up only when we are wise enough to understand that we have to search for the solutions above.

But what does this mean? The answer is, whatever the problem, we mustn’t lose contact with the Creator! It is written: “Even when a sharp sword is placed upon one’s neck – one should not deny oneself of mercy.” Even under unbearable pain you can feel perfection, if you only maintain spiritual contact with the Creator despite the pain.

It may appear to others that you are suffering unbearable pain, but you can feel instead completeness and delight if you create a spiritual contact with the Creator, despite the pain.

The body could burn and you would feel nothing. It all depends on the tightness of your connection with the Creator. The stronger it is, the greater the joy; the weaker it is, the lesser the joy.

Pain is given to us only to tighten the contact and attain the spiritual degree where all we feel is pleasure. We must think of it as the most important exercise.

Q: Is it important to do this in a group?

A: It is important to do it inside the group, outside the group, together and alone.

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