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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Sixth Sense

Q: Is there such a term as a “sixth sense” in Kabbalah?

A: Only through the system of Kabbalah can one develop the sixth sense. It is because all other methods are based on limitations. A person must lower self to the level of a plant and even to the degree of still (inanimate).

Every other system is based on suppressing the desire to receive: we try to eat as little as possible, breath as little as possible, and think only one thought; close ourselves, isolate ourselves, and live in secluded places.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, is completely opposite: it develops the will to receive, intensifies it as much as possible, and makes it even more “egoistic.” All other systems aim man toward restrictions and abstemiousness, which is why they cannot be used in order to receive a more comprehensive reality, and work freely in it.

Those who restrict themselves believe they can feel something, but in fact, all they feel is the disappearance of their own egos, nothing more. They may, indeed, feel better because they erase all their desires. It is as though they rise above them, so they feel perfection.

But this does not happen because they rise, but rather because their needs seem to have been reduced. Perhaps this seems more “spiritual,” but it is not real development, but in fact, regression. Reduction actually opposes the principal law of nature, which is to develop, expand, and bring about the correction of human nature, inducing a sensation of completion and satisfaction.

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