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Michael Laitman, PhD

Changing My Destiny

Q: How is the method of Kabbalah different from other methods of attaining spirituality?

A: Except for the Kabbalah, all other methods were developed by man. Humanity has been searching for thousands of years for the way to attain spirituality. Those searches promoted the development of philosophy and other methods for spiritual elevation and enlightenment. But in the end, humanity has found nothing.

Through the Kabbalah, people begin to clearly see what kind of world they live in, and what influences them. They begin to obtain forces with which they can shape nature correctly. They also recognize their own influence, and nature’s response to it.

Only the Kabbalah can give us the knowledge of what our future desires will be, how they can be acquired and what knowledge and powers are needed for that. This is all we need to live safely and confidently.

So, is there anything more important to us? If we don’t understand the necessity to study Kabbalah, there will be tougher and tougher situations, until we do feel the need to study, because the necessity to study Kabbalah comes when there is no other choice.

Q: What is Spirituality?

A: Although everyone feels as if they know what spirituality is, they have, in fact, no connection with the spiritual world, or any idea of it. They think that the spiritual world can be understood through music, science or popular psychology. But the spiritual world can be understood only through the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

This is a clear and concise method that must be taught by a genuine spiritual guide. No music or any dubious psychological experiences can help one attain the spiritual world. You can call what you discover with meditation or special music or exercises a “spiritual world,” but that is not the spirituality to which I’m referring.

The spiritual world I am referring to can only be revealed with the wisdom of Kabbalah. The study of the method of Kabbalah is a complex system comprised of man’s own work, by which he draws upon himself a special Light.

That Light is a special force that awakens the spiritual desire in us, a desire to get away from the crowd and from the world at large. It is a wish to continue living in this world only physically, in the animate body, whereas everything that has to do with the mind, the desires, should operate on a different frequency altogether, as if one were breaking through an invisible barrier to another world.

Such spiritual attainment cannot be seen, presented, or made apparent to anyone. People who have not experienced it cannot feel or comprehend the explanations. It is a unique feeling and completely intimate, a sensation that is attained through the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method to discover and attain the spiritual world, advancing over many spiritual degrees, cycles, and spiritual states. Although music can be Kabbalistic, it is only a byproduct, just as there are byproducts to chemical processes such as a rise in temperature, decrease in pressure, etc. When we strive to attain a certain result, we will receive certain byproducts along the way.

Q: Does that mean there is no Kabbalistic music?

A: A Kabbalist can express emotions in music, in writing, by creating new teaching methods, or by presenting new elements into the process of study. However, music and songs are only supplementary means of expression. Man’s real attainment is possible only through a system called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.”

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