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Michael Laitman, PhD

Reality in the Eyes of Kabbalah

Q: I read that Kabbalah develops the ability to sense the elements of reality and the spiritual worlds. But I also understand that time and space do not exist; that there are no other worlds and that there is nothing besides the Creator. How then should I properly see reality?

A: Every time people try to understand a new or different reality, they use the attributes and sensations of the world they come from. Through the Kabbalah, they attain a true understanding of the spiritual reality as well as the one they currently sense.

Reality is made of:

  1. Matter

  2. Form dressed in matter

  3. Abstract form (not dressed in matter)

  4. Essence

Because we are made of matter, we can only attain the matter and the form dressed in the matter. We will never be able to attain an abstract form, detached from matter.

Yet, despite the fact that we cannot attain two of these four types, they do exist and clothe one another: The essence comes first. The abstract form dresses over the essence, over that comes the form that is dressed in matter, and the matter dresses over all of these.

Kabbalah is a science about the conduct of reality. Man is the subject of the experiment, and thus the science is attained in us. The sensation of the traits of the Creator is the form that is dressed in the matter. The spiritual path is a gradual acquisition of a truer and truer form, and ever-closer traits to those of the Creator. Man can only increase the pace of the acquisition of the Upper traits. That is why Kabbalah was given to us.

Q: What about the lack of sensation of time?

A: You’re right; it’s hard to understand the lack of the feeling of time. But “time” in spirituality is no more than the changing of emotions. In this world, too, we feel how time “flies” or “stands still,” but when we sleep, time still goes by, unlike spirituality.

In spirituality, a “moment” is the passage from one trait to the next in the space of changing traits that grow ever closer to the Creator.

The confusion you feel now is felt by anyone who begins to think and tries to compare the corporeal concepts to the little knowledge they have acquired about spirituality. That time will pass. Don’t be afraid of periods of confusion, despair, sensations of failure and so on. They are all necessary so that in the future, you’ll be able to feel the exact opposite: you will experience achievement, perfection, completeness and light.

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