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Michael Laitman, PhD

What is Gimatria?

Q: What is Gimatria and how does it work?

A: In order to describe various situations of the soul, we tend to use a name that is specifically adapted to its spiritual level, instead of using many technical details. All the vessels (souls) consist of ten Sefirot, just like one’s body consists of an equal number of parts – 613.

The Light that fills the souls is what differentiates them from one another. The purpose of the name is to express attributes of the soul that is filled with Light. The sum of the Lights, or better put, the ten Lights that fill the ten Sefirot of the soul, are called Gimatria. That is why it is no more and no less than a recording of the spiritual situation of the soul and its fulfillment with Light by the Creator.

That Light depends on the screen: the attribute of the soul to give vs. its will to receive. The screen can only be acquired by the method of correction called Kabbalah.

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