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Michael Laitman, PhD

What are the Actions of the Screen?

Q: How does the screen create new spiritual objects?

A: Spiritual objects are things that the Kabbalist creates over his screen. They are the result of the impact of the Light on the screen of the Kabbalist. As a result, a new picture of the spiritual world is created in the Kabbalist’s mind.

Spirituality is only born after a spiritual coupling whose power determines the depth of the spiritual picture. If the Light does not hit the screen, nothing new is born, and all that a person gets is the picture of this world.

In other words, to beget a new spiritual object means to build from our substance (the desire) the image of the Creator, through the screen. In fact, the screen is a sculpturing tool in the hands of the Kabbalist.

A person observes himself from the side (restricts his desires, and erects a screen made of the intent “not to receive for himself”). He uses the screen to cut off desires that he cannot simulate to the Creator (the “stony heart”).

Desires in which he can resemble the Creator he brings to equivalence of form with the attributes of the Creator, to the extent that his screen can bear it. Thus, the higher his degree is, the more a person resembles the Creator. He studies the attributes of the Creator (the upper nine Sefirot) and adopts them.

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