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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Evolution of Malchut

Q: The world, in and of itself, is something limiting, inhibitory. How then does Malchut of the infinite evolve through the souls?

A: The term, “world,” means concealment, hiding, limitation of the extension of the Light. But every situation of Malchut, of the collective soul, is also called a “world.”

The world of Ein Sof is a state of unbounded fulfillment of the collective soul and not of an individual creature/soul. Everything that fills the collective soul is called “Light” or “Creator.” But in order to be filled with the intent “for the Creator,” and thus equalize with Him, Malchut, the soul, gradually corrects her intent from “for me” to “for the Creator”; it empties itself in the first restriction, hides under five covers, worlds, and gradually, in accordance with the acquisition of the screen (the aim ‘for the Creator’).

Then, it exposes itself to the Light, the Creator, like a bride before the groom. Her degrees of correction, her exposure, her fulfillment with Light, are five worlds with five Partzufim in each world and five degrees in each Partzuf, all and all, 125 degrees.

It is also possible to divide the spiritual distance to 613 degrees (Mitzvot), and it can be divided in 6,000 degrees – three groups of 2,000 in each. But the distance itself, the extent of the correction of Malchut, remains the same. It is only a more convenient way to describe the degrees – the extent of correction– in a convenient way.

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