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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Light of Correction and the Light of Fulfillment

Q: I read about the screen and now I am confused. You always said that the Light cannot come into an uncorrected vessel; that there has to be a screen first, meaning that I should develop in me a desire to receive Light “for the Creator” and not for myself. Only then, you say, is it possible to receive the Light. But the book says that in order to build a screen there must first be Light in the vessel because the vessel cannot build the screen by itself.

A: There is Light that fills the desire to enjoy, meaning the vessel, and there is a Light that corrects it. It is the Light that gives the vessel the intent “for the Creator” and builds the screen over the desire. These two Lights act completely differently on the vessel: the Light that corrects is called “the Light of correction of creation,” while the Light that fills it is called “the Light of the purpose of creation.”

The Light of correction can enter the vessel even before there is a screen; it is specifically for the purpose of building a screen. It gives the creature a feeling that the Creator is supreme and mighty, and from that feeling the creature subdues its nature in order to draw near the Creator. That is how the vessel acquires a screen.

Then, by the power of one’s strength and by one’s intent “for the Creator,” there is Zivug de Hakaa (spiritual mating) and the vessel is filled with Light.

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