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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Sefirot Yesod and Zeir Anpin

Q: Why is Zeir Anpin divided by six parts instead of the ordinary five? What is the purpose of Yesod?

A: Zeir Anpin has to be in contact with Malchut, in order to convey the Light to her. For that to happen, he must build a special Sefira to serve as a bridge between Malchut and him, meaning that it will possess similar attributes. For that purpose Zeir Anpin consists of:

  1. HesedKeter

  2. GevuraHochma

  3. TifferetBina

  4. NetzahZeir Anpin of Zeir Anpin

  5. Hod – Malchut of Zeir Anpin

  6. Yesod – the sum total of all the previous Sefirot (like a salad made of five original components that when put together, form a new attribute).

After Yesod comes the collective Malchut – the creature, the soul, the part that must unite with the Creator (Zeir Anpin) through equivalence of form. Malchut is the creature and Zeir Anpin is the Creator. Zeir Anpin is the one to which all prayers to be raised and corrected turn, and he, at the request of Malchut (MAN), builds a bond with her – contact and coupling – through his Sefira of Yesod.

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