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Michael Laitman, PhD

Good and Bad

Q: Is it true that the human and corporeal conceptions of good and bad correspond to spiritual laws? If not, then what is the source of the good deeds in our world?

A: The corporeal meaning of good and bad does not correspond to spiritual laws at all. It does not mean that it is opposite, that bad in our world is good in spirituality. That is not so! But it is true is that the good deeds of man in our world do not promote us to spirituality.

The Temple is a result of upper laws. It is the source of the goodness in this world. But it is conditioned. I’m sure you’ve heard that the Creator is considered to be all goodness and benevolence, that He creates everything, and only good.

So where is that good? What do we see around us? The answer is that the connection between this world and the spiritual worlds is indirect. Otherwise, everyone would willingly come to the Creator and would not need the correction from Above.

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