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Michael Laitman, PhD

Prophecies That Did Not Come True

Q: Contrary to all predictions, nothing happened in 1984, or at the end of the millennium. Are there similar events that await us in the near future?

A: In 1984, as in 2000, many predicted the end of the world. Of course, those were only baseless speculations and human beliefs. In spiritual worlds there isn’t a unique root for 1984, or for 2000, because humans invented those dates. But people want change, and some of them also see pretty good business opportunities here.

Humans invented both the calendar and the dates. The millennium was just a date that mankind agreed upon. It went by just like all other dates. People want change because they are unhappy, and their desire for change stems from their will to delight themselves.

Humanity will gradually open its eyes to realize that the solution to its problems, and the way to perfection, wealth, and health, confidence and eternity, is not in the will to enjoy, but outside that will. According to the Zohar, there will indeed be great wars, but they will be internal ones, within each and every one of us.

The millennium has nothing to do with that process, which is why it went by so quietly, compared to the expectations it raised. I wish you the attainment of your own personal calendars, and that you will see all the dates in it, which are the spiritual degrees.

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