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Michael Laitman, PhD

War and Redemption

Q: It says that the Messiah will come after Gog U Magog. What does this mean? Do we really have to wait for him, and if so, how do we prepare for his coming?

A: The Messiah is a Superior Force that shows man the worlds around him. The preparation for his coming is in the desire to live in both worlds, in ours and in the Upper One, develop awareness and recognition, want to attain correction, and equalize with the Creator.

The popular interpretation of the Messiah is that of a man-redeemer, who, when he comes, will bring us personal gain: monetary, health, power and control. There is no one who needs the Messiah in his actual form as the corrector of man. Messiah is a force that pulls one from our world to the spiritual world, the force that brings us to spirituality.

Q: What is the war of Gog U Magog?

A: The war of Gog U Magog is a spiritual term that relates to Kabbalah. It is not spoken of anywhere but in Kabbalah. Gog U Magog happens at a spiritual degree and not as it does in our world, where the wars and torments happen before our eyes.

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