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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Era of the “Secrets of the Torah”

Q: Sooner or later the six thousand years will pass, the arguments will subside, the days of the Messiah will come and we will all unite with the Creator. What will we do afterwards? What will we create? Will we have to raise the animals, the plants and the rocks to a higher level?

A: It is interesting to see how much a person wants to know of what awaits him beyond the highest degree, when he doesn’t even know what the lowest degree is like! The difference between the degrees, as between the worlds, is enormous. The number of degrees is 125. By completing his ascent, a creature only corrects himself, his own vessel. After the correction he is ready to perform his real task, unification with the Creator.

But what the soul does in the spiritual summit is not even conceived by our imagination – those are the “secrets of Torah.” The secrets are called “Ma’ase Merkava,” and “Ma’ase Bereshit. Those secrets cannot be disclosed because people in lower degrees (even one degree below the top) cannot understand what goes on there… therefore, let us dare to climb the first ones first!

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