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Michael Laitman, PhD

Opening a Book for the First Time

Q: Should a person spend one’s whole life in a university of Kabbalah and study complex theories?

A: That sounds very nice, but it doesn’t work that way. In the study of Kabbalah, we really study our own inner structure, how our emotions are built, and the structure of our souls.

Within us is a key to the understanding of that science; all we must do is study from genuine books of Kabbalah in order to find what is already within us.

Even if we understand nothing of this science, the minute we open a book, our hearts and souls begin to open up. We receive spiritual knowledge about spirituality in a natural way, just as we feel bitterness or sweetness, or heat and cold. There is no need to go to school to feel such things.

The study is only a method that helps us open our souls, our still dormant spiritual senses. Then, when the heart and soul open, we are moved emotionally and naturally to learn about the reality in which we exist.

I am talking about a tangible attainment that does not require any prior wisdom and knowledge, or any philosophizing. It is a method that develops the sensation in the heart, a method for discovering the spiritual world, for receiving impressions with the laws that actually exist in nature, that we still cannot feel, though they continuously act upon us.

I act on the world around me by sitting, speaking, thinking or feeling. All my desires and thoughts go through the entire reality and return to me through the Upper, Spiritual World.

However, because I still haven’t made contact with the Spiritual Forces, I don’t know how they return to me, and if I harm or benefit myself. In the study of Kabbalah, we learn how to influence reality correctly, to benefit ourselves, and get accurate feedback from reality. That is the science involved, and today it can be revealed to anyone who seeks it.

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