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Michael Laitman, PhD


Kabbalah has always been taught through books. The first books about Kabbalah were written thousands of years ago. Adam Ha Rishon (the First Man) wrote the book, “The Angel Raziel,” and Abraham the Patriarch wrote the book Sefer Yetzira” (Book of Creation). The Zohar was written some 1900 years ago.

All of these books are still for sale today. Through them, we can study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The principal, fundamental book that we study by is called “Talmud Eser HaSefirot” (The Study of the Ten Sefirot). It consists of six volumes and more than 2000 pages that depict the laws of the system of creation in scientific terms. When we study them, we receive a special illumination, a special Providence from Above.

Even if we still do not understand a single word we read, even if we haven’t got a clue about the spiritual world, approaching the Creator begins from the very first lesson. But we can only learn by studying from books, or listening to the recorded lessons - there is no other method.

When Kabbalists write books, they have already reached a certain spiritual level. When we read the books, wanting to somehow come in contact with that world from which the Kabbalist wrote, we are enfolded in an illumination from that place. We do not feel it, but it slowly prepares us for the phase when we begin to feel more and more of what the books describe.

This is how one enters the spiritual world. Of course, it is not as simple as I present it – there is a whole system here, involving studying specific articles and lessons and following a specific syllabus.

The system of creation is everything around us, both perceived and imperceived. Our emotions contain what we perceive in our five senses, and what we cannot feel today; however, we will feel in the “sixth sense” - an additional sense that will be developed in us in the future. We call that information “the system of creation.”

Our fathers had a much closer connection with the Upper World than we do. However, once we do go into the spiritual world, we will obtain a stronger and more effective bond because we are more selfish, more evolved and more corrupt. Precisely because of that combination, we have a chance to turn the evil into good, experience deeper feelings in our world, and reach places our fathers never could.

In the beginning, they were closer to spirituality than we are because they were less egoistic. Moreover, we have drifted so much farther from spirituality than they did, that if we did come back to it now, we would have to go that much deeper into the system creation.

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