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Michael Laitman, PhD

Inner Listening

Q: I’ve begun to take an interest in Kabbalah. I want to start studying, but I’m told it’s dangerous. What exactly is the danger in studying Kabbalah?

A: A great many people tried to deter me from Kabbalah: they were religious, secular, Jews and non-Jews alike, and strangers and relatives. I tried to fight the craving to know the purpose of my life, and I couldn’t picture a day when I could get up in the morning without asking the same haunting question over and over again. I couldn’t imagine a peaceful, thoughtless day, where I could sit down quietly and enjoy my life…

If there’s no cure for it, it’s like a curse. But the cure exists. If you feel that question burning in your gut, leaving you restless, you might be losing precious time listening to the advice of others and living by their reason, because ultimately you’ll go back to what your soul craves.

“A person learns from his soul,” so listen to yourself and you’ll know what it is you want. If you can rise above the level of those who advise against study, there is nothing that can stop you. Sooner or later you’ll come to Kabbalah. I suggest that you read Introduction to The Book of Zohar.

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