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Michael Laitman, PhD

Personal Care

Q: At first I thought that bad situations came to us so we could try to overcome them. But apparently, there is a specific kind of “bad situation,” whose purpose is to show that nothing depends on us, and the final outcome is solely in the hands of the Creator. Can you explain that?

A: There are no “bad situations.” The Creator gives us everything for the sole purpose of correcting us. There is the Creator, there is us and there is what we receive from Him. It is said “The Torah makes one weary.” It shows man who and what he is, that he’s only a tiny egoist.

But the Torah, meaning the Creator, shows man his weakness - his enslavement to his ego - only to the degree that he can bear what he sees. The more we develop and correct, the more obvious it becomes that we are lowly, and far different from the Creator.

We are shown this in order for us to correct ourselves by simply recognizing our own nature and rejecting it.

You are experiencing the beginning of your personal relationship with the Creator. The good and right thoughts came because you felt what you were supposed to feel, but new attainments will come and go every time. Each time you read the right books, you will realize more and more deeply who you are and who the Creator is.

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