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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Good Sign of Progress

Q: When I was studying the system of the worlds, I got to the point of the creation of Malchut and the first restriction. After that, I stopped understanding and I can’t make any more progress.

A: It is actually a good sign if you cannot understand the simplest things. It means that your soul demands to be filled with the sensation of the Creator. This suppresses the need for intellectual understanding. As a result, you do not fill up your brain because your soul will not let you!

However, without a screen, the soul cannot be filled up either. As a result, one tries to learn but can’t understand anything. In fact, this is a good sign that shows one’s inner demand for spiritual development.

Those whose souls do not motivate them toward inner sensations, but toward knowledge, study well and gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. However, their souls remain empty. At the same time, their knowledge is revealed to be shallow; they don’t understand the inner processes because the Creator made a vessel of desire, not a vessel of understanding, so knowledge of Kabbalah can stem only from emotional scrutiny.

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