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Michael Laitman, PhD

Free Time

Q: I have four hours of leisure a day. Do I utilize the time for spiritual work, or do I do domestic chores? Do I decide according to my mood or by a fixed rule?

A: You have to divide the chores into necessary and unnecessary ones. The division must be set not by mood, but by relevance. Your most important act is to divide the day ahead of time into several parts, regardless of your mood, leaving at least one hour a day for the soul, preferably before you go to sleep. Then, go to sleep early and get up one hour earlier (or two or three) and continue with spiritual reading.

With the rest of the time, you can do what life demands of you, but every now and again, take a break for five or ten minutes and read or listen to something that will help you think later on, while you work.

The best results in correction are attained when a person combines not only the study, but one’s whole life, when thinking about the purpose of creation.

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