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Michael Laitman, PhD

Getting Overtired

Q: If a person gets very tired and wants only one thing - to sleep - is there spiritual work in that situation, or should he simply go to sleep?

A: In a situation like that, you should go to sleep. But it’s a good idea to read a few lines from Baal HaSulam’s Shamati.

Q: I’m ashamed to admit it, but sometimes when I read the Kabbalah books that you refer me to, I fall asleep. It is not because I’m not interested; it happens despite my wishes. Even if I don’t want to sleep, it’s as though I fall under a hypnotic spell. What do I do? Why does this happen to me?

A: First, it is the influence of a Supreme Energy, the surrounding Light. Second, when a student comes to the lesson despite fatigue, it is better than being in a state of simple mental wakefulness when one is well rested. The Light of the Kabbalah is affected by the amount of labor a person puts in, not by the number of pages a person knows.

You can thoroughly explore the whole of The Study of the Ten Sefirot and still have no clue as to what spirituality is. Similarly, you can enter the spiritual world and attain the purpose of creation without knowing The Study of the Ten Sefirot at all.

If you study the right texts and follow my instructions, you’ll be more and more convinced that everything goes according to the master plan. When you no longer want to sleep, you’ll feel that those times of sleep contributed to your spiritual development. The Creator leads us; all we have to do is open ourselves to Him.

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