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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Light of the Messiah

Q: Do you believe that the Messiah will come?

A: The Messiah is a Light that draws one to the center, to the Creator, and to the source that he must return to. Any person has his own private Messiah, meaning a personal Light of correction. But there is also a collective Light of correction, which will bring the whole of mankind to another level of existence, a sublime one.

Nothing external will change in our world when this Light comes. Everything will be the same, but there will be an internal soaring, the whole of mankind will rise and people will feel that they are in a collective, genuine reality. They will no longer feel such things as life and death and time.

The corporeal body will become meaningless, and we will have no feeling of connection with it. People will relate themselves to the soul. It is, in fact, what happens to Kabbalists. For one who feels the Upper Reality, this lower, inferior world, becomes meaningless.

The Messiah is a Light from the Creator that will raise the whole of mankind to spirituality. It is not a person, although there will be people who will guide humanity to spirituality and teach it the spiritual system, but they will only be representatives of the Messiah.

Q: What is the coming of the Messiah and when will it happen?

A: The Messiah is a Light from Above that affects us when we study Kabbalah and corrects us. That collective force is called “Messiah.” It is not a single person, but a spiritual force that pulls us from this world to the spiritual world. It allows one to begin to feel this world and the Upper One simultaneously

Q: Is the Messiah a person or a force?

A: People are at a degree where they cannot perceive the Messiah as Light, but only as a flesh-and-blood leader. But when Kabbalists speak of the Messiah, they refer to a superior Force of spiritual correction, a Light that gives one a chance to improve one’s attributes.

The Messiah will be the pulling, liberating Force from the government of the desires to enjoy for ourselves. When that Light penetrates us, meaning the “receiving nature,” it will correct us and turn us from receivers to givers – like the Creator.

However, all the spiritual forces are revealed in corporeal raiment. For example: Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai, the Ari and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag–all three represent one exalted soul that radiates a great Light of correction. However, it appears in our world as a person, a Kabbalist, a teacher and a writer of books.

Such a thing happens not only with regard to a super-Kabbalist, but also with regard to a redeeming Messiah. He must be a person, a leader, who under the guidance of the Creator and through the Force of the Creator, will be able to direct the entire world to the purpose of creation.

Humanity will have no other way out of the evil and the torment that each person will feel, other than recognizing him as the leader, and following the path that he will show us.

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