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Michael Laitman, PhD

Searching the Way to People

Q: Why do you spend so much time on people of my level, which is ZERO? Doesn’t it interfere with your spiritual mission? Why, then, didn’t all Kabbalists reveal themselves to the masses?

A: First of all, Kabbalists have not revealed themselves publicly mainly because the masses prevented them from doing so, as in the case of Baal HaSulam with his Kabbalistic newspaper (the texts from the book “Matan Torah”). At that time, the majority of people didn’t wish to know the reason for their existence.

Secondly, the environment in which Kabbalists lived often threatened them (for example, Ramchal in the 16th century).

Finally, I spend a lot of time publicizing Kabbalah because my great teacher – the last Kabbalist who received this spiritual enlightenment from Above– commanded me to do so. Today, the egoism of the masses has developed and the events of life make one see the futility of such life.

We in our generation are pioneers in the quest for the Higher World from down up, the first ones for whom Kabbalah was given.

Q: Excuse me for offering advice in a field I know nothing about. However, I suggest that if you attract a dozen new students annually, as well as a few thousand supporters worldwide, Wouldn’t it be better to focus all efforts and time on the disciples of only the highest quality? If they can change the state of the universe and attract the Light, then perhaps after a while everyone will be rewarded.

A: In the past, Kabbalists used to sit quietly and cultivate their connection with the Creator, but, upon Baal HaSulam’s instruction and according to the demands of our time, we will plunge into a third world war unless we succeed in spreading these ideas.

All we think of is how to avoid our petty troubles, but a problem of colossal proportions is approaching. Baal HaSulam writes about this as a very real possibility. I write this because he did so.

Besides, unlike previous generations, when Kabbalists took the correction of the world upon themselves, today we all must attain the Higher World and establish schools for that purpose.

It’s not easy, since we use the method designed for those few whose desire for the spiritual has awakened, and not for the unaware masses. As a result, we search for the way to reach people. We try to spread something quite opposite to ideas of this world, though these are most valuable. I seek your advice. But we have to keep doing what we are doing.

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