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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Meaning of Prayer

Q: What does a prayer mean from the perspective of Kabbalah and for you personally? Do you pray and observe Mitzvot like any other rabbi?

A: Kabbalah answers the question about the meaning of life, not about the meaning of Mitzvot and prayers. A prayer is a desire one feels in one’s heart; it is what one wishes for.

Perhaps one is dreaming about a vacation or asks for rain - then that is the prayer, what one asks of the Creator. Kabbalah teaches how to tune one’s heart for correct desires, for those prayers will lead to the feeling of the spiritual world, the Creator. Everything that leads to a true request for the Creator is called Mitzva (commandment).

So you tell me, who else apart from Kabbalists truly observes the commandments and genuinely prays?

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