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Michael Laitman, PhD

How Can One Discover the Creator?

Q: I can’t ask for myself, much less know, how to ask for the sake of the Creator! Even my suffering seems to be partial. How can I discover the Creator? By waiting for more suffering?

A: Man will certainly never ask the Creator for correction without feeling the need to do so. We see how people pray to God, asking for various things. But that is not the request for correction we speak of, not the prayer, as we understand it. A prayer is a certain desire for correction of one’s properties for reaching the Creator for His Sake.

We arrive at this kind of prayer very slowly, over years. First, we must cultivate it within ourselves. Man originally has the desires of this world, then for the Higher One, for the Creator, directed more and more towards the goal. Man himself constantly changes the definition of the Creator, the goal, and the correction.

Based on the new understanding, man’s prayer becomes oriented differently. As soon as man fully understands the goal, it is reached—the prayer bears fruit and man rises to the Creator. Aspire for it.

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