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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Heart is Grateful

Q: How should I thank the Creator?

A: The heart is grateful in response to the sensation of the fulfillment of the desire to enjoy – the essence of creation, its innermost attribute. That response appears naturally in the heart, even before it is conceived by the mind, prior to any conscious analysis of what is happening.

Therefore, there is no place for the question, “How should I thank the Creator?” If there is such a question, then it is alone an expression of gratitude. It is received and accepted by the Creator directly from the bottom of the heart, even before a person processes it mentally.

The question that should be asked is, “How do I come to the state of thanking the Creator?” That state is acquired primarily by experiencing unpleasant situations: lack of faith, lack of confidence, and confusion regarding the Creator. Those feelings are very unpleasant and are typically accompanied by severe descents.

Later on, the sensation of the Creator appears above these as a sensation of wholeness and confidence in the purpose of creation. All the complete and positive feelings are accepted and assessed from within the opposite feelings that preceded them. One who walks shall conquer!

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