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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Aim – a Spiritual Act

Q: Does a physical act in this world change anything in the spiritual world?

A: The physical act by itself does not make a difference in the Upper World! It is said that an act with no intent is like a body without a soul, and therefore it is regarded as a “dead” act – denied of the spiritual intent “for the Creator.” But the aim comes gradually, according to one’s progress in the study of Kabbalah.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is about intents, about how to turn one’s heart to the Upper World. If a person begins studies and cannot add the right intent “for the Creator,” that time is called “not for Her name,” not for the Creator, meaning that at that time the student’s actions are all for self.

But if a person does nothing in order to develop one’s aims, then the person is not even working “not for Her name,” but is simply performing a lifeless act. However, the person should not stop doing it, because at some point the aim “not for Her name” will come, and ”for Her name” will follow. Physical acts are always justified, but you have to aspire not to be limited by them.

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