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Michael Laitman, PhD

Preparing the Heart

Q: If I spot a negative quality in me, and I suffer from the fact that it is in me, do I have to ask with all my might of the Creator to help me correct it, or is it better to try to ignore that characteristic because “one is where one’s thoughts are,” and think only of the greatness of the Creator, about how everything comes from Him, including that characteristic, and try to see His Guidance in everything?

A: “He created me this way, so why should I correct myself?” The Creator created man opposite to Him in order for man to yearn to be like Him, precisely from that opposite situation. That is the purpose of all requests. Therefore, we should praise the Creator, knowing in our hearts that the attribute of the Creator is the most exalted and perfect.

But if all we do is cry for our misfortune without forming any clear decision that we must be like the Creator at least in something, then our pleas are only for ourselves, regardless of the purpose of creation.

However, man cannot determine what his requests of the Creator will be, or praise the Creator independently, because such requests are directly extended from within, from the heart, even before one knows their meaning. Therefore, praying means preparing oneself to justify any feeling, because only through such a preparation will the reaction that follows be determined.

Man’s effort is required so that the right attitude to the attributes and characteristics of the Creator will consciously and purposely formulate in him, so that he will want to cleave to the Creator. Man is not the Creator, and cannot change anything within him. All he can do is prepare self to want to change. That is the prayer.

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