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Michael Laitman, PhD

Intensity of Thought

Q: It is very difficult to constantly maintain thoughts about the Creator. You can go on trying for a hundred years…

A: You may feel as though nothing is happening, or that your situation doesn’t change. But in reality, if time passes, you have gone through something, because at any given moment there are changes in you.

When the aim is to overcome some part of your preliminary desire to enjoy for yourself, and correct its use, it can only do you good to be immersed in thoughts about the Creator.

Q: It is written: “Know now before Whom you stand” – but when you remember, it happens without your control. Is there a practical way to remember before Whom I stand?

A: You are reminded of the Creator to the extent that you make inner observations, although they are still not in your consciousness. You can speed up the process only through intensity of thought, by reading the essays of Rabbi Baruch Ashlag and the writings of Baal HaSulam.

However, I would note here that your questions already testify to your progress.

Q: What is “intensity of thought” and how do I acquire it?

A: Intensity of thought and power of thought are actually determined by the time you are connected in your thoughts with the object of contemplation. You acquire that by practice, by trying to keep your thoughts impregnable despite disturbances. You must go through all of this yourself, as there is none as wise as the experienced. Kabbalah is a practical method that a person must experience oneself.

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